Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Words and Language

Language can affect the frame of mind and even the perception of an individual. The way of thinking can be different for people of different regions speaking different languages. This doesn't mean that language alone is solely responsible for the variation, though it too plays a part.

Consider taking a typical man from NY and placing him in Saudi or India. Assuming that he knows nothing of the language and people, such a man would feel like he is in a different world. Under the further assumption that he picks up the language then he will become aware of the differences in culture and social paradigm. Further still, if this same man (or woman) were to return to NY; upon reflection he will understand the nuances and differences in social paradigm and frame of mind of these two worlds. Perhaps, it can be said that language and culture form a framework for a ‘world’, where the different dialects create slightly different microcosms. Since language and culture can be linked and indeed they can also be linked to words, which in turn influences perception. Ultimately, the perception of a world by the viewer adds ‘levels’ to its definition… It is said by some scholars that ancient tongues have power beyond basic communication, Kabala rites are performed speaking Hebrew but agreement with this idea is not unanimous.

There’s a man who observed that written and spoken sounds could affect water, considering that like our planet we are mostly water, the implications of this idea are obvious. Again this idea isn’t generally agreed by the scientific community but perhaps there is some truth to it… This man wrote ‘love’ and ‘thank you’ on containers of water and after the experiment, when the water was viewed with a dark-field microscope; it showed different structures of water in comparison to the control image of regular distilled water. He also claims to have repeated the experiment with thoughts and spoken words, rather than written words. You can find more on this on ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’. Perhaps this is a good example of the power of our thoughts and words. Consider for a moment that each word is a choice; each word communicated is a choice made and each choice made is an event acting on a state, i.e., each choice is the conscious kinetic unleashing a potential causing a change. The measure of this change will vary from choice to choice or perhaps not; perhaps all this, this perception is merely an illusion...

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